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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Meet Vestasia + Happy Halloween!
about 1 year ago – Sun, Nov 01, 2020 at 02:23:11 PM

Welcome to a new update! We're now in the final week of the Kickstarter for Sunshine Manor, and since it's Halloween, its time to celebrate in style! 

Because it's All Hollows' Eve, all backers will now get their name displayed at the in-game credits in Zombie Green! But wait, there's more! Anyone who is pledging at the "Be Afraid..." and higher reward tiers will now get their name in the in-game credits displayed in Blood Red!

And now, come meet Vestasia! She is another powerful entity you will encounter during your journey through the Demon Realm. Unfortunately for you, she is nowhere near as relaxed as The Devourer – who we’ll talk about more soon.

The Demon Realm is certainly an odd place to be, and having a boss for each of the captured souls you rescue during the game allowed us to play more and more with the locations and rooms that you’ll become familiar with during your time inside the manor. For example, Vestasia’s “Realm” is focused more on her and her rule of the demons.

Vestasia is utterly obsessed with her appearance, and you’ll have to find some devious ways to upset her enough for her to pay you any attention. We won’t spoil this one too much, but this is a boss fight that will tax your brainbox!

Fun Fact

Vestasia is the reason that costumes were reintroduced into the Sunshine Universe (as they were going to be included in Camp Sunshine too) as her focus on fashion meant that you had to be able to wear something to upset her… after that the possibilities were limitless.

Musical Interlude #2
about 1 year ago – Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 10:58:00 PM

Hi everyone! You enjoyed the last update we did showcasing the music for Sunshine Manor, so we’re back with another preview for you!

We approached the music for Sunshine Manor and Camp Sunshine in the same way you would approach a musical. For this, each character has a series of musical notes that are used (almost) every time they appear in the story.

These are called motifs, and are used as a device to make the listener - or audience member - quickly get comfortable with characters. Usually, a character’s motif tells you a lot about them without a need for them to express themselves.

You can really hear this is in, say, the musical Hamilton, but also on classics like Star Wars which are packed of motifs!

This time around for this music preview we wanted to showcase two songs that are used at different points during a single demon realm phase. We hope you enjoy them!

You Got Yourselves a Good Boy!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 12:07:39 PM

Thursday is here, and we have great news! With all of your support, the second Stretch Goal has been unlocked. When Sunshine Manor releases, you will now be able to play as Gnarlie the Demon Dog! 

But wait... if you've unlocked two Stretch Goals, that means it's time to reveal a new one!

If the Kickstarter campaign for Sunshine Manor hits £24,000, then we'll be working on adding a new costume and power for Ada to use!

We also want to point you towards a new Kickstarter that you’ll dig: The Switch Collector: Volume Two!

As the name suggests, it’s the second book in the series, and at massive 400+ pages, it will include developer interviews, backer digital-only suggestions, and a ton of info on Nintendo Switch physical releases! The book is from Jeffrey Wittenhagen and Jonathan Polan, who you all known as Premium Edition Games, and they will also be working with us on the physical book guide for Sunshine Anthology!

And just like Sunshine Manor, The Switch Collector: Volume Two Kickstarter is already funded, so they’re now working towards unlocking some Stretch Goals! These included adding endsheets art, a fancy ribbon bookmark, and a sewn spine!

Meet The Spinners
about 1 year ago – Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 07:58:40 AM

Ready to meet a new demon? After the Sprinters were in place, the second monster that our fiendish brains conjured were the Spinners, and we think they’re going to cause you a lot of trouble! These devilish beings lay in wait for you, and when you’re spotted, they’ll begin to spin… quite fast!

When they reach maximum velocity, they will launch themselves towards you as fast as they can. It’s best to dodge them at this point since they’re invulnerable during their spin.

Once they’ve slowed down a little, they’ll become dizzy, and that’s your cue to strike!

Fun Fact

The sounds we recorded for the Spinners actually come from a very old garden lawn mower which had a wonderful sounding engine that rattled constantly. In Sunshine Manor, these sounds are sped up quite a bit, but every time we hear them it reminds us to mow our lawns!

Step Inside The Manor + Stretch Goals!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 08:32:54 PM

What a weekend! Yesterday was a great day for everyone at Fossil Games, Hound Picked Games, and Premium Edition, since it was the day that the Kickstarter for Sunshine Manor reached its funding goal! As we mentioned yesterday, it's now time to aim at unlocking some Stretch Goals for this campaign, and the first one is within reach!

If you help us reach £21,000, we'll have two extra songs for the soundtrack to Sunshine Manor! And once that goal has been reached, there will be more Stretch Goals to aim for that will add more content to the game for all to enjoy.

Originally, Sunshine Manor was going to be a theme park, and development was already well underway before we decided to switch things up and move back in time to the beginning of the story. We listened to the feedback on Camp Sunshine and wanted to keep all objectives, missions, collectables, and, most importantly, the bad guys close to the player at all times.

The minute we developed the rooms system for Sunshine Manor, we knew we’d made the right decision, as there was such a sense of foreboding with the rooms and the overall level of darkness in the game. It made the sound design even more important and the overall game experience was a lot more tense because of this.

Since Sunshine Manor is set entirely within a single mansion - well, almost! - we knew we would have to keep all locations interesting for players. The demon realm was always going to feature in the game, but now it would be intrinsically linked to the human realm. Travelling between the two would give players a sense of familiarity so that they could know where they were, and where they might need to go next.

For example, here’s the main entrance hall used in the human realm.

And here’s the first iteration of the same entrance hall when you’re in the demon realm.

As you can see, the overall layout remains the same, including the entrances and exits - for this version - but we believe you can all agree that the change in the overall feel when switching between the manor and the demon realm has an impact on the creepiness!