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Dev Blog #5
19 days ago – Sat, Apr 24, 2021 at 09:57:09 AM

Hello everyone! Has it really been a month already?

Development work for Sunshine Manor is in full force at the moment, and right now, we're adding in some absolutely off-the-wall elements for one of the Demon Realms that we think is going to really tax your brainboxes. It's going to be fun, and we can't wait for you to see the new stuff!

But … GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY (did you read that in Farnsworth's voice?), you've unlocked a chiptune bonus soundtrack thanks to the additional pre-orders we have generated through our Backerkit store!

We will begin working on the chiptune version once the entire soundtrack has been composed, but I wanted to share a few examples of the music within Sunshine Manor. This is something we're absolutely focused on as each demon realm has its own themes. Let's take a listen!

Dev Blog #4
2 months ago – Tue, Mar 09, 2021 at 01:37:33 PM

Hi everyone! Over the last month we’ve been focused on fine tuning the established gameplay mechanics of Sunshine Manor and making Ada even more responsive. Sure, it might sound cool but, in reality, is utterly boring coding and bug fixing, so we thought we’d do something a bit special for this update… how about we see the special cover?

Rather than read our mumblings and ramblings, we’ll let Graham describe the process and thinking behind the cover himself:

Graham Humphreys

With two conflicting bases to consider, this presented a bit of a challenge. The child-centric view of a young girl (the subject of the game) with a ‘Scooby-Doo’ sensibility, plus the setting of an adult slasher, horror franchise.

I was provided with some gameplay screengrabs, so I was equipped to construct my basic image. My brief requested the Girl, a Creepy House and the mysterious Hooded Nemesis.

I decided to keep the girl in control, utilizing the power of her mind to summon up the tools for her battle. It would have been too easy to make her a screaming victim, or give her physical weapons and play to the horror clichés. I wanted it to be about control, not submission. Intellect, not force.

My hooded figure is a nod to any number of men that hide beneath a cowl - religious inquisitors, The Red Death, phantoms (of both opera and grave!), Lord Sidious... and the entire pantheon of literary gothic villains - all patriarchs and cowards!

These - and the creepy house - filled the main brief, but by adding the blooded blade and a mound of skulls, dripping with blood, I could satisfy the horror quota.

I like the ambiguity in the composition... is the child the killer, or the hooded phantom? (There is, after all, a sub-genre of killer kid films!). As with all my work, I began by compiling the reference, mostly using web sourced imager. I often make up characters from three or four different sources and try never to take a complete direct reference - sometimes I’ll take photographs of friends - or myself, using a timer.

I even have a small collection of human skulls I can photograph when needed (human remains have to be proven over a century old for legal procurement - I’m not a grave digger! Two are ex-medical schools. As for the others...

This layout uses symmetry and the effect of a totem pole - a solution that always works well. My final composition is traced onto watercolor paper, a wash applied, then the image painted over the pencil lines, cross checking my printed reference as I go.

I use gouache, a water-based paint that dries quickly and allows me to use a variety of brush techniques, from washes to ‘dry brush’, fine lines to heavy blocks of color. The final art is scanned for digital delivery, with any minor color balance made in photoshop as necessary.


So, there you have it, a life-long ambition finally realized thanks to your support!

And without further ado here’s the finished cover!

As a thank you to everyone, we have prepared a few desktop wallpapers of this to give away to everyone. Click right here to download them!

And as if this couldn’t get any better, here is a photo of the man himself holding this wonderful piece of art!

Dev Blog #3
3 months ago – Sat, Feb 13, 2021 at 01:08:40 AM

Hello everyone, we hope this update finds you all well! It’s Valentine’s DAy weekend, and since we’re currently hard at work polishing the second mission in Sunshine Manor, we wanted to start the celebrations with a sneak peek at what we have in store for you!

The Maid’s demon world is very fashion conscious, and you’re going to need some serious threads to stick it to the demon that’s holding the Maid hostage. Talking about that, let’s meet her!

Vestasia is the ruler of the second demon realm you will explore, and she rules over her factory with an iron fist. You’ll find all manner of demons and workers here, forced to carry on until they break, all in an effort to create the latest demonic fashions! You’re going to need some serious tricks in order to take her down…

The second Demon Realm also introduces our first ever boss battle in the Sunshine Saga! This is still a work-in-progress, so there might be some changes introduced in the final version of this particular boss fight.

That’s all for this time around. Thanks again for your support!

Dev Blog #2
4 months ago – Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 11:56:27 PM

Happy New Year everyone! We all hope you were able to have some festivities wherever you are in a safe way.

Over Christmas and New Year, we did put our tools down for a short period of time so that we could reboot and be ready to give it our all in 2021, so this update is going to focus on one thing … the artwork by Graham Humphreys!

We’re not going to show the whole thing just yet, so here are some sneaky peeks!

We were absolutely floored (and still are!) when Graham agreed to join us to work on Sunshine Manor, and after seeing the line-art for the cover, we’re certainly thrilled! We can’t wait to share more with you, but you'll have to wait for a bit before the next look at his cover. Stay safe!

Dev Blog #1
5 months ago – Wed, Dec 09, 2020 at 09:31:44 PM

Has it really been a month already?

First off, before we show off some of the cool new stuff we’ve been working on, we wanted to once again say a huge thank you to every single backer for helping us to make the full-time development of Sunshine Manor a reality. We can’t wait for you to play everything we have planned … and we have lots to show you about the game over the next year!

Rather than go into a hugely detailed analysis of the new missions, enemies, and systems within Sunshine Manor, we thought a screenshots would be way more fun!

Above, you can see a brand new section of one of the new Demon Realms we’re currently working on. These little ‘beauties’ are called Snippers, and they work relentlessly for the Demon Vestasia! Be very careful when you approach them, as those rusted scissors of their really hurt!

Another new Demon can be seen above: the ‘Sploder. As its name suggests, you should not get too close… or else they go BOOM!

And then we have the Needlers. They’re blind demons who work for Vestasia making… well, needles. These are one of our favourite demons in the game. When they’re angry, they’re horrendous!

Thanks to your support for Sunshine Manor, we’ve also added more detailed cut-scenes for key moments in the game - if you’ve played the Prologue this might seem a bit familiar!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first development blog update for Sunshine Manor. We’ll be in touch again in 2021!